June4 , 2023

Escent improved layer performance (RISE case of the month)



Escent improved layer performance (RISE case of the month)

A new *RISE* ( Risk Impact Strategy Evaluation) program case of the month has been released. The current case is an excellent example of how RISE can successfully improve the health status and performance in layers. The most remarkable points from the current case are:


• *Myco-Marker detected real impact caused by mycotoxins:* feed analysis was only detecting a low risk level and it was not possible to elucidate real impact caused by mycotoxins. But we convinced them to perform a Myco-Marker and blood analysis identified 7 different mycotoxins, including aflatoxins and ochratoxin A completely missed in the feed analysis. Thanks to these blood results they trusted on us as mycotoxin experts to introduce Escent in some farms.


• *Escent reduced completely DON/vomitoxin from the blood:* Innovad demonstrated in scientific studies that Escent reduces levels of DON in blood. The obtained results confirmed that Escent reduces levels of DON in blood even in real farm conditions as 2 weeks later it was not possible to detect DON in blood. Moreover, tenuazonic acid was also widely reduced from the blood.

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• *Vomits were stopped and liver status improved:* animals were suffering a lot of vomits, but Escent completely stopped the vomits. The removal of vomits were linked to DON/vomitoxin reduction in the blood caused by Escent. Moreover, other health issues were stopped by Escent. For example, animals were suffering liver rupture produced by long chronic exposure to multi-mycotoxins, but liver protectors containted in Escent + reduction of the mycotoxin exposure could recover liver status.

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• *Egg weight increased 5%:* the improvement of the liver status is crucial to improve layer performance. The reduction of the mycotoxin exposure + improvement of health status provided by Escent was translated into a better weight of the egg (5%) in 15 days. Moreover, it was also possible to detect an improvement when it was compared with control group (under another competitor product).

You will find all the details of the case in the website (https://innovad-global.com/riser-program-case-month) . You will see that it is a very visual case with many pictures showing all the symptoms. I also briefly explained it in a short YouTube video (RISE®️ Program: Case of the month #2 – YouTube). This case is very important because we have a first case in layers showing the importance of Escent to protect them and improve the performance.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me to clarify any doubt about this case or RISE program


Dr. Arnau Vidal

Global Technical Manager Toxins & Stress

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