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Successful Poultry Business Tips – Marketing Strategy for Poultry



Successful Poultry Business Tips – Marketing Strategy for Poultry



Poultry is a commercial business which helps a man to maintain his/her economy. In the agricultural industry, poultry production is a prime example, which vertically integrates. This industry has two divisions and these are, ‘poultry meat production and egg production’. The layers give us eggs and from broilers, we can get meat. In fact, the poultry business is praise able and beneficial activity and one may improve this business by reading these notes.


Definition of Marketing

Marketing means the act of buying and selling in a market. Where customers profitably get their essential things. Here general people can easily buy their necessary goods instead of money. It works by selling, advertising and delivering products to people. The sellers or companies take the attention of audiences by writing in newspapers, celebrities, using slogans and helping of media. So, it’s clear that marketing creates a link between society and the producers. For an example, a new sort of food created by a company and general people depends on this company and the company also dependent on general people to sell their products.

Categories of Marketing Strategy for Poultry

This category should follow for poultry products in a market:

Trader from farmer:

At the local market on the farm gate, the products are sold.

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Retailer from farmer:

Here, the products generally sold to supermarkets and restaurant.

Leading farmer from farmer:

The demand for large volumes are accessing by a leading farmer and the products are sold to him.

Co-operatives from farmer:

Where farmers stock their major poultry products and sell to packers, then products are sold to co-operative.

Sign-up with farmer:

The buyer of market assures the farmer.

Importance of Poultry Marketing Plan in Poultry

Poultry has a very importance for mankind by supplying food, economy and the generation of employment, etc. It plays an important role directly or indirectly. Such as:

Source of getting food:

We can get minerals and vitamins from poultry meats. Poor people can get an income source easily from poultry business. Hare anyone can do many works earns money for his / her livelihood.

The meats and eggs of poultry supply rich protein and human can cook this very easily.

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Using in Industry

Egg– At the time of vaccine preparation, decay eggs are used as fertilizers and animal feed.

Egg Yolk– At the time making cake mixed, Soaps, shampoos, painting etc. We can use the egg yolk.

Feathers– In animal feed, pillows, cushions, dusters and like insulating materials are made by the feathers of poultry.

Egg Shell– Mineral mixed fertilizers, decoration, mosaic, works and etc are made by egg shell.

The intention of research

Fancy, easily available and make an advantages business. Even huge numbers of chickens hatched is another purpose of this business.

Natural substance: Feathers, Eggshells and unnecessary parts of the poultry are used like natural substance.

Income Source

Poultry farming and poultry rearing are very good sources of earn money.

Through selling poultry and its products village, women’s can earn extra money.

Employment source

By family poultry farming, Rural women’s can use their generally wastes time. Hawker, farina, in the different marketing channel, can employ by the marketing of poultry and its products. Poultry farming plays an important role in removing poverty by creating employment progress.

still and all poultry is doubtlessly a blessing for human to survive best social and economic world.

Poultry Business Tips: How to Market Your Poultry Product?

Before a change in marketing, you have to be undertaken three steps. There are

Investigation and analysis of the stoner market.

Taking a decision about doing the way of making the surge into the new market.

Satisfying the decision into practice.

Step 1- Research and Analysis

In the primary stage, One must be determined actually what market exist and one must have a concept of the problems of marketing.

Next step, One should determine what the market wants. The prices should be reasonable. The prices must not very high or so little.

the service of the customers require is the 3rd step of marketing, include it, product, it’s price system of delivery, ready to cook etc.

In the 4th and-and the last step, the market research seem to be completed, The information has to be analysis should continue due to it’s the necessity.

Step 2- Decision Making

The result of research and analysis is the first decision. Everybody should be determined to fulfill their wishes. So next decision should take very carefully and complete this task carefully.

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Step 3- Implementation of Your Decision

Decisions come back to implementation. If one become determined and continue his/her activity. He/she will be successful and he must honest of his marketing. The product should be right quantity, packing, price and so on. After reading this writing you may get help for your business and so now just try to fulfill it.

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