November28 , 2023

The Funny Side of Agriculture


🔺7 areas of possible losses in poultry farming business 

🔺7 areas of possible losses in poultry farming business  1....


🛑The Funny Side of Agriculture

Yesterday was another day I was proud of myself and my profession #agricultureandfarming, it was a Sunday evening when I decided to chill out and catch some fun.

As I was driving down the street, I was stopped by mobile police that wanted to search my car, “You know Nigeria Police Now” once you are young and looking nice, all their thoughts will be like you are into cybercrime.


My phone was requested which I gladly gave out. The policeman asked for the Job I do for a living, I was glad to say I’m into Agriculture which put some gesture on his face like “Fresh and Young guy doing Agriculture?”.

Before he could say his mind I confronted him with what he had in mind, I said, Agriculture doesn’t seem like a profession suitable for a young man to practice right?


And you still thinking is a poor man’s profession 😆? well, you have my phone to search and my car to search to have your mind cleared.

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While he was with my phone, my client called me to request if I could deliver Point of lay birds worth 5millions to him which I confirmed he can place his order, our conversation was heard by the Mobile police been that the phone was on loudspeaker.

After he said in pidgin, So Agriculture too dey collect money wey reach millions 😳?

I replied, Agriculture is not a poor man’s business anymore, so we all need to look beyond the old days of Agriculture. We are Practising #agribusiness now. Not until you see someone on shattered clothes makes the person a #Farmer..

I’m a young cooperate Farmer just like my boss Akin Alabi

I’m a #YouthinAgriculture and it’s not until you see me with cutlass and hoe that you will refer to me as a Farmer.

#Agricultureandfarming has levelled up.

The game has changed.

I’m a proud young Farmer creating a solution in the #Agricspace#.

I’m Aina, Adeyemi, Your favourite Farmer🥰.

Source: LinkedIn

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