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Lucrative Business Ideas In Poultry Farming Industry



Lucrative Business Ideas In Poultry Farming Industry

Poultry farming industry in India includes numerous lucrative business opportunities for the entrepreneurs. People generally perceive poultry farming is all about rearing and farming chickens for eggs and meats. However, it is something more than that.


The survival and profitability of a small scale enterprise in poultry farming industry depend on the qualities of the person who starts the business. An individual must be an opportunity seeker through a careful scanning of the needs of the consumers and entire poultry value system. He or she must be persistent to be able to support business growth.


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Profitable Small Business Ideas In Poultry Farming Industry

#1. Broiler Poultry Farming For Meat

Commercial broiler farming is the most successful business in Asia Pacific region and other parts of the world. This business can be initiated as small medium and large scale basis according to the investment capacity.

#2. Chicken Hatchery

In the modern nomenclature of the poultry farming industry, the term hatchery covers the sector which is engaged in production and supply of one-day-old chicks by artificial incubation. Day old chicks are produced keeping in view the customer’s requirements. The Bureau of Indian Standards has laid down specifications for day old chicks (layer/broiler) under the ISI Specification.

#3. Egg Processing

Egg processing opportunity includes egg grading, processing, pasteurization, spray drying and eggshell processing. A fully export-oriented plant setup definitely cash intensive business.

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#4. Frozen Chicken Meat Processing

The demand for frozen chicken meat is increasing rapidly. The product is very popular in retail outlets. Some of the very popular frozen and chilled forms are whole chicken (with or without giblets), boneless breast, boneless legs, drumstick with skin, drumstick skinless, a whole leg with skin, whole leg skinless, wings, lollipop.

#5. Layer Poultry Farming For Eggs

Layer poultry farming means raising egg-laying poultry birds for the purpose of commercial egg production. For poultry farming schemes with very large outlays, detailed project reports will have to be prepared. Banks provide financial assistance for construction of brooder/grower and layer sheds, feed store, quarters etc., purchase of poultry equipment such as feeders, waterers, brooders etc., creating infrastructure items for the supply of electricity, feed, water etc.

#6. Organic Manure Production

A very good quality organic manure production is possible from chicken wastes. An organic chicken manure fertilizer production technology process includes the selection of raw material (chicken manure etc), drying and sterilization, burden mixing, granulation, cooling, and screening, measuring and cutting and product storage.

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#7. Poultry Farming Equipment Shop

This is one of the most profitable trading opportunities in poultry farming industry. You can start the business by two ways. You can source the material from manufacturers and sell from your own shop. Otherwise, you can start with a distributor or dealership agreement of a reputed company.

Some of the most popular equipment are Poultry Cage, Layer Cage, Breeder Cage, Poultry Ventilation System, Poultry Environment Control System, Poultry Cooling Fan Pad, Poultry Heaters, Nipple Drinking System, Poultry Controller Systems etc.

#8. Poultry Feed Manufacturing

Good quality poultry feed is always in high demand. The success of livestock farming is largely dependent on the continuous supply of good quality nutritious feeds at the competitive price. The business is very profitable according to the gross profit generation.

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