June30 , 2022

7 Things to Avoid Feeding chickens



7 Things to Avoid Feeding chickens

1. Avocadoes (mainly the pit and peel)


As with most of the things on this list, I was able to find several people who report feeding avocado to their flock without problem. However, it seems that most sources advise against it. The pit and peel of an avocado contains a compound called persin, which can be very toxic to birds. I’ll definitely be leaving these out of my chicken bucket from now on!


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2. Chocolate or Candy

I think most of us probably wouldn’t feed chocolate to our hens, since it’s famous for being toxic to dogs. Theobromine (the compound that cause illness in dogs) is also thought to be toxic to poultry, so it’s best to steer clear. I doubt my girls have much of a chocolate craving anyway.

3. Citrus

Actually, I think that the jury is still out on this one… I’m not 100% convinced that citrus is bad for them, since I’ve heard such varying reports. I know that my girls won’t touch it anyway, so I don’t have to worry too much. If you are nervous, it might be best to use those peels to freshen your garbage disposal or make all-purpose cleaner instead.

4. Green Potato Skins

Green potatoes contain solanine– another toxic substance. It’s ok to feed your flock regular or cooked potatoes, but avoid those green ones in large quantities.

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5. Dry Beans

Cooked beans are fine– but their dried counterparts contain hemaglutin– a big no-no.

6. Junk Food

Hey- if you don’t eat junk food, then you won’t have any leftovers… So you won’t even have to worry about this one, right? Highly processed food isn’t good for you, and it’s not good for your hens either.

7. Moldy or Rotten Food

For obvious reasons… Stale or overripe foods are fine, but if it’s rotten, just toss it.

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