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7 Most Common Rabbit Breeds that are raised in Nigeria



7 Most Common Rabbit Breeds that are raised in Nigeria

Rabbit Farming is one of the fast growing Livestock Venture in Nigeria today; it has become a major source of income for so many people in the country, including the person writing this information. It all started, like 5years ago, when Nigerians began to import exotic breeds of Rabbit into the country from other part of the world, this led to the raising of giant rabbit, fast growing breeds, which the crosses of them began to improve the performance of the local indigenous breeds in Nigeria.


As at today, Rabbit venture is not a small investment in Nigeria, we have a lot of thousands of farmers in Nigeria, who are into rabbit farming Business right now, and the number keep increasing, the reason for this development is because rabbit are easy to breed, and also easy to feed, you don’t need to spend a fortune to raise your rabbit, there are many natural, by-product and cheap to get materials you can use to feed your rabbit, an average concentrated feed for rabbit can be easily formulated with cheap ingredients as well.


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Rabbit Business is cost effective, to get started doesn’t cost a fortune, with one male and one female, you can start your farm, the gestation period is one month and a rabbit can give birth to 8 or 10kits at a go (I have experience 14kits at a go before in my farm). If you will like to learn more about rabbit Farming Business in Nigeria, click here to get started.

Today, I want to discuss the various breeds of Rabbit that are commonly found in Nigeria, there are more than 50 Rabbit breeds in the world, ARBA as listed some of the rabbit breeds that are recognized globally, but in Nigeria right now, some certain breeds are the topnotch and are worthy of consideration if you are planning to get started with rabbit Business venture, these are the moving breeds or the most sort after breeds right now.

1. New Zealand White : This is the first and most common breed in Nigeria, this breed has been found in Nigeria more than 20years ago, it is known for its albino eyes and pure white fur, the average weight is 2.5kg, while the pureline new Zealand white breed attains up to 3.6kg body weight at full maturity. New Zealand white are good mothers, they take care of their offspring’s and they deliver between 5 to 8its per litter, they are also known for their ability to cope with various weather condition and strive well.

They are one of the best breed for meat production and they have a characteristic good taste when slaughtered, there is demand for New Zealand white in the rabbit industry in Nigeria.

2. Hyla : At the peak of rabbit farming in Nigeria, exactly 4years ago, the ALMIGHTY HYLA BREED came on board and became the choice of farmers and most sort after breed in the industry, those times when bella rabbit world began to off take weaners of rabbit in Nigeria in large quantity, Hyla breed was the leading option then, and it was a money breed for Farmers in Nigeria. Hyla breed changed the face of rabbit farming in Nigeria, and the reason for this special breed is the fast growth rate, good body weight gain, good production ability, because hyla seems to be the most prolific of all rabbit breeds in Nigeria.

They give birth to babies with larger weight even from the day old stage, till they are weaned, they also breastfeed their baby well, they grow fast with good muscular development, you can read more about the hyla breed here. The HYLA rabbit use to be the most expensive rabbit in Nigeria and those that have them, consider them a good money making opportunity indeed. A quality hyla rabbit conveniently attains between 3.8kg to 4.8kg and even I have bred 5.2kg hyla rabbit before.

3. American Chinchilla : When it comes to exotic rabbit breed, after Hyla, the next on the list is American Chinchilla, they are good quality rabbit breed, best for both breeding and meat production, they also attain good body weight, as high as 3.5kg to 4kg.

American chinchilla are beautiful rabbit breed with grey fur, box head shape for the uck and a long length body for the doe, they have the best mothering instinct that I have seen among rabbits, and their kits are fast growing, if you are thinking of going into rabbit Farming Business, I specially recommend, you add American Chinchilla to the options of your choice.

4. Dutch : Dutch have been known in Nigeria since the 90s, this is one of the oldest rabbit breed, even though the indigenous dutch breed are not fast growing, but they are good for both meat and breeding/nursing purpose.

Dutch can conveniently nurse 8 or even 10 rabbit kits together, till they are wean, they rarely fall sick, their survival rate is high, as a way to improve dutch in Nigeria, what many of w farmers did, was to cross them with hyla, and the offsprings came out with dutch colors but hybrid vigor gene, they were fast growing, and they could survive adverse weather condition, under good management they produce good offsprings, they are also the best when it comes to fostering other baby kit for nursing.

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5. Angora : This is both an exotic rabbit and a pet rabbit, the choice of Angora looks like the choice of german shepherd dog, that same special choice people have for dog, is what they have for this rabbit breed, it is highly sort after and cherish by many.

Solely for the sake of the special fur, that it has, it is often considered a good breed for pet, Angora are beautiful to behold and fun to have, you will really love them, they are cute and their fur makes them a good choice, and guess what? After Hyla, I think angora has the largest demand in the rabbit industry, painfully the volume of farmers who have them is low, simply because the volume produced is not enough, but if you want to do rabbit Business in Nigeria, please give consideration to Angora breed.

6. Harlequin: This is another lovely rabbit breed with a coloration that is really special indeed, it is a giant breed too, as some harlequin attains 4.5kg body weight at full growth, Harlequin are good breed for meat and also nice for pet, considering their multiple color patterns, they have good mothering instinct too, and their offsprings grows fast.

If you are looking for beautiful rabbit breed option, harlequin is a good one for your consideration, it has great market too and it is one of the best breed for slaughter.

7. The Crosses of Multiple Breeds ; These are the crosses of the above named breed, while we have many other breeds like Rex, English spotted, agouti, chestnut, black giant, and more, Nigeria rabbit industry also has crosses of various breeds that have mixed together, this makes it difficult to classify them under a particular name, but they are great rabbit because when meat production and processing is your choice, then you have to give consideration for cross breeding, with cross breeding, you will manufacture giant breeds, fast growing breeds, that is why, periodically, I do cross breed, two exotic rabbit, their offspring comes out as a development and an upgrade of both parent, they grow faster, attain great body size and muscular development, this is the best way to manufacture meat rabbit.

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When it comes to breeding stocks, I cross only the pureline (that is crossing hyla to hyla, angora to angora) but when it comes to producing rabbit for meat consumption sake, cross breeding is the best way to manufacture fast growing breed that will develop into hybrid vigor and have more meat within a short period of time.

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