September24 , 2023

Benefits of Integrated Fish  Farming System



Benefits of Integrated Fish  Farming System

Benefits or Advantages of Integrated Farming System

1) Productivity: IFS provides an opportunity to increase economic yield per unit area per unit time by virtue of intensification of crop and allied enterprises.


2) Profitability: Use waste material of one component at the least cost. Thus reduction of cost of production and form the linkage of utilization of waste material, elimination of middleman interference in most input used. Working out net profit B/ C ratio is increased.

3) Potentiality or Sustainability: Organic supplementation through effective utilization of by products of linked component is done thus providing an opportunity to sustain the potentiality of production base for much longer periods.


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4) Balanced Food: We link components of varied nature enabling to produce different sources of nutrition.

5) Environmental Safety: In IFFS waste materials are effectively recycled by linking appropriate components, thus minimize environment pollution.

6) Recycling: Effective recycling of waste material in IFFS.

7) Income Rounds the year: Due to interaction of enterprises with crops, eggs, milk, mushroom, honey, cocoons silkworm. Provides flow of money to the farmer round the year.

8) Adoption of New Technology: Resources farmer ( big farmer) fully utilize technology. IFS farmers, linkage of dairy / mushroom / sericulture / vegetable. Money flow round the year gives an inducement to the small/ original farmers to go for the adoption technologies.

9) Saving Energy: To identify an alternative source to reduce our dependence on fossil energy source within short time. Effective recycling technique the organic wastes available in the system can be utilized to generate biogas. Energy crisis can be postponed to the later period.

10) Meeting Fodder crisis: Every piece of land area is effectively utilized. Plantation of perennial legume fodder trees on field borders and also fixing the atmospheric nitrogen. These practices will greatly relieve the problem of non – availability of quality fodder to the animal component linked.

11) Solving Fuel and Timber Crisis: Linking agro- forestry appropriately the production level of fuel and industrial wood can be enhanced without determining effect on crop. This will also greatly reduce deforestation, preserving our natural ecosystem.

12) Employment Generation: Combing crop with livestock enterprises would increase the labour requirement significantly and would help in reducing the problems of under employment to a great extent IFS provide enough scope to employ family labour round the year.

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13) Agro – industries: When one of produce linked in IFS are increased to commercial level there is surplus value adoption leading to development of allied agro – industries.

14) Increasing Input Efficiency: IFS provide good scope to use inputs in different component greater efficiency and benefit cost ratio.

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