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Broiler Starter Feed Formula



Broiler Starter Feed Formula

The broiler starter feed is one of the most important diets of broilers and specifically for new, young broiler chicks. Proper nutrition during the starter phase is essential for proper growth and development, which will ultimately affect the overall performance of the flock.

Broiler chickens need high-quality starter feed in order to grow into healthy, profitable birds. The starter feed should provide the maximum quality proteins and energy to support the chicks’ early development. The crude protein level should be (21-22% CP) and the metabolizable energy (ME) level should be (2900-3000 Kcal/kg ME). In addition, the starter feed should contain supplements and essential minerals and vitamins.


To prepare a starting mash or pellets for broiler chicks, you need to consider a few things which include the nutritional requirements of broilers at the starting age, the nutritional composition of the feed ingredients or recipes to use and the quality of the feed ingredients.

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While broiler feed formulation is not an easy process, using a tested and well-tested broiler feed formula to prepare feed for broilers can make the process easier. If you need a broiler starter feed formula sample to produce broiler starter feed or starter mash for your broiler chickens, use the one below:

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Maize (MZ) 61 kg

Soya Bean Meal (SBM) 18 kg

Wheat offal (WO) 4 kg

Full Fat Soya 13.5 kg

Bone Meal (BM) 2.5 kg

Lysine 0.2 kg

Methionine 0.3 kg

Broiler Premix 0.25 kg

Salt 0.3 kg

Total 100 kg

It is advised to test the above broiler starter formula on experimental broiler chickens before feeding your main broiler flock.

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