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Layers Feeding Guide, Growth & Weight Chart



Layers Feeding Guide, Growth & Weight Chart

A layer feeding and weight chart is an essential management tool for poultry producers. The chart allows farmers to track the weight gain and feed intake of their layers so that they can adjust their feeding program as needed. By monitoring these two factors, farmers can ensure that their layers are getting the right amount of food and putting on the correct amount of weight.


Layer feeding guide for your chickens will help them get the right kind of nutrition and lay eggs regularly. Different types of feed are important for different age groups, so it is important to follow a layer feeding guide to keep your hens healthy and laying eggs.


Layer feeding is an important part of rearing egg-laying chickens. A well-fed hen will produce more eggs than a malnourished one. There is a standard feeding schedule or chart that serious egg-laying chicken farmers need to follow for optimal performance and production.

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question; each farm must create a feeding schedule that works best for its needs and location. In this post, we will explore the standard layer feeding guide or layer feed consumption chart.

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Layer Feeding Program

Layers chicken feeding program is in three phases based on their age. Layers have three diets and they are:

Chick Starter diet: 0 to 6 weeks

Grower diet: 7 to 18 weeks

Layer diet: 19 to end of lay

Layers Feeding Schedule & Weight Chart

As a poultry farmer, it is important that you know if your layer chickens are performing according to the standard. That is, knowing if they are eating and growing as required. This will help you know if they are converting their feed well.

Below is a table showing the standard growth rate and feed intake for layers.

The table below will answer the following questions:

What quantity of feed will a pullet consume/eat between day old (DOC) to point of lay (POL)?

What quantity/amount of feed should a layer eat per day/week?

What volume of water should a layer drink per day/week?

What is the growth rate of layers or laying chickens?

What is the average weight of a layer each week?

When should I change from starter (chick mash) to grower diet, and from grower diet to layer diet?

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Average BW= Average Body Weight

Average FI= Average Feed Intake

Cumulative FI= Cumulative Feed Intake

Average WC= Average Water Consumption

SD= Starter Diet

GD= Grower Diet

POL= Point of Lay

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