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Rice Production In Nigeria And Its Statistics



Rice Production In Nigeria And Its Statistics

Rice Production In Nigeria And Its Statistics.


Rice is a constant commodity and the world can not do without it. Typically, rice is the main dish in Nigeria and the average Nigerian eats rice 5 out 7days a week.


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In this article, we will discuss the various states that cultivate and produce rice in Nigeria.

Rice is cultivated in almost all the states in Nigeria. According to reports, 29 out of 36 states cultivate rice in Nigeria excluding Abuja.

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As of 2017 Nigeria as a whole produced 15 million metric tonnes. There are more than 170 rice clusters in Nigeria and 2820 sub-clusters all producing more than 15 million metric tonnes of rice. Although most of the states in Nigeria cultivate rice not all cultivate it in the dry season.

However, only 8 states contribute to 50% of the rice production in Nigeria.

Kebbi state has the highest production of rice in Nigeria. They produce 2.05 million metric tonnes in the wet season and 1.51milllion in the dry season.

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Here are the Top 10 highest rice producing states in Nigeria for the year 2022;

1. Kebbi state – 3.5 million MT

2. Jigawa state – 2.1 million MT

3. Kano state -1.6 million MT

4. Ekiti state – 1.5 million MT

5. Benue state – 1.5 million MT

6. Ebonyi state -1.5 million MT

7. Kaduna state – 634,410 MT

8. Niger state – 380,000 MT

9. Cross-River state – 50,000 MT

10. Ogun state – 20,000 MT

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