September24 , 2022

Sample Pig Feed Formulas for Impressive Performance



Sample Pig Feed Formulas for Impressive Performance

There are different types of feed formulas that can be used for pigs, and the type of feed that is most appropriate for a particular pig will vary depending on the pig’s age, weight, and stage of development. In general, though, most pig farmers will use a combination of different feeds in order to provide their pigs with all the nutrients they need.


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Types of Pig Feed

To provide pigs with the best possible nutrition feeds must be tailored to their specific needs at different ages and production stages. There are six different feeds for pigs. They are:

Creep Feed or starter Feed

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Weaner Feed

Grower Feed

Fattener Feed

Pregnant Sow Feed

Lactating Sow Feed

1. Creep Feed or Starter Feed: This is a specific type of feed that is fed to the youngest and suckling piglets aged between 2 and 8 weeks. Creep feed can be fed to piglets from 7 to 10 days after farrow (or birth).

2. Weaner Feed: This pig diet is specifically for young, weaned piglets from 6 weeks of age to attainment of 20 kg body weight.

3. Grower Feed: This type of diet is for young pigs that weigh over 20 kg or are aged 10 weeks until they attain 35 to 40 kg body weight. If you intend to fatten up a pig, this is the feed you need to give before switching to the fattener feed.

4. Fattener Feed: This is the feed given to pigs that are over 40 kg in body weight until they reach a marketable body weight which is around 90-100 kg or slaughter.

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5. Pregnant Sow Feed: This is the feed for pregnant sows and can be fed to boars that are over 90 kg in body weight.

6. Lactating Sow Feed: This particular feed is for sows that are lactating; that is, breastfeeding piglets. It is given after a pregnant sow gives birth.

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