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If you have a fertilized egg and want to hatch the egg but do not have any brooding hen, you’re going to need one of the best chicken egg Incubators.


These pieces of equipment help nature your eggs safely till it hatches and it usually takes roughly 3 weeks.


In this article, you will learn about the best chicken egg Incubators and what to consider before buying one.

So, ensure you go through the information on this guide from start to finish before going out to buy an Incubator.

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Now, let’s get into details.

What is an Egg Incubator?

An egg incubator is a device that simulates a chicken’s incubation by keeping the eggs warm at a specific temperature range (37.5 °C for chicken eggs) and uses the right humidity while turning them to hatch them.

The Incubator helps reduce the risk of the egg cracking, the egg getting cold, or being killed even when there is no care from the mother.

That said, now let’s learn about some of the things to put into consideration when getting an egg Incubator.

What to Know Before Buying a Chicken Egg Incubator

There are several things to put into consideration before buying a chicken egg Incubator.

Below are the important things to consider:

1. The Egg Capacity

The number of eggs you want to hatch occasionally depends on the type of incubator you will love to buy.

Because the number of eggs an egg incubator can hold at a time till the egg hatches differ.

So, it is of importance for you to get the type of egg Incubator that can at least hold the capacity of 9 to 12 standard chicken eggs.

Because, there has to be room for accidents, contingencies, or flaws of nature. As not all the eggs will hatch.

But if you have to regularly hatch up to 40 standard egg sizes at once, then you will have to get a larger capacity.

2. The Size

The space you have available for an egg Incubator can influence the size of the Incubator you will get.

As a result, before getting an incubator be sure to consider the space you have available for it before getting one.

So if you are a newbie with a small space, a moderate egg Incubator will be the best option for you.

But, if you have enough space for a medium or large-sized egg Incubator, you can go ahead and buy one.

This is important because the Incubator has to be in a convenient space.

3. Temperature Control

In order for your eggs to hatch successfully with an incubator, there is a need to have the right temperature.

When the temperature is too high or too low as required for the embryonic development of the egg, it might lead to unsuccessful hatching.

As a result, there is a need for you to get an incubator that regulates the internal temperature automatically.

It also comes with an LCD or LED display that shows you how it is regulating the temperature.

Also if you can get an Incubator that has an inbuilt alarm, it will help draw your attention whenever someone goes wrong.

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4. Airflow and Ventilation

Adequate airflow and ventilation are necessary basic requirements to hatch an egg successfully.

It’s of importance for an Incubator to be well ventilated in order for you to achieve great hatching success.

When buying an Incubator, choose the one that has good Ventilation and a fan so you can avoid a low hatch rate.

Because egg shells have tiny pores through which embryos breathe.

5. Easy for Observation

There are cases whereby mistakes can occur in an incubator.

As a result, there is a need to go for an Incubator that has a clear top or a picture window, which enables you to see what’s going on within.

This way, you will be able to tell right away when something is wrong inside.

6. Turning of the Eggs

Turning the egg consistently is one of the important procedures in egg incubation.

If you have by any chance seen a hen sitting on eggs or a backyard chicken keeper, you will notice that from time to time the mother hen rolls the egg while she sits on it.

This act by the mother hen will show that egg turning is important during incubation.

Because this single act by the mother hen stops the embryo from sticking to the shell which can lead to hatch failure.

In an Incubator, the chicken egg needs to be turned in the same way consistently for 18 days of incubation.

While it can be done manually, there are Incubators that can do this automatically.

So, it’s of importance you get an Incubator that has an auto egg Turner feature.

In order to save you the stress of opening the Incubator every now and then to turn the eggs.

Also, this helps in minimizing any form of contamination that might occur inside the Incubator due to touching.

7. Humidity Control and Monitoring

For you to have a good egg hatch and avoid the egg from not hatching due to the hardness of the egg it’s important to control the humidity in the Incubator.

The humidity of an Egg Incubator is supposed to be between 45% to 65% for the egg to have a successful hatch.

Whereby the humidity level is outside the stated range, it affects the embryonic development of the egg.

So, when getting an egg Incubator, consider going for the one that has a channel through which water can be added.

As this will help the egg not lose its moisture and saves you the stress of adding water regularly.

8. Easy to Clean

Another practical point you should consider when buying an egg Incubator is the means of cleaning.

How easy is it to clean?

Because bacteria can easily enter through the porous of the egg shell and that can lead to the death of the chick embryo.

In other words, you have to avoid egg Incubators that are difficult to clean and maintain.

Buy the ones that come with a design or material you can easily clean.

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9. The Construction Material

The materials used to construct or manufacture an egg incubator affect how long it will survive and how effective it will be.

As a result, it’s critical to double-check that the incubator you’re about to purchase is made of high-quality materials.

ABS Plastics and PC are the ideal materials for incubators because it makes it easy to clean when an Incubator is made with those materials.

Now, let’s check out some of the best egg Incubators for your chicken.

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