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🛑 How To Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster



🛑 How To Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster

How To Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster is on major thaughts in the minds of every broiler farmer. they wants their chickens to reach the expected weight quickly, even though broiler chickens are bred to grow quickly.

However, there are some things that can slow this process down. Some of these factors are bad breeds, poor nutrition and care, diseases, and so on. So, if you want your broiler chickens to grow faster, you need to avoid these bad things and create a good environment.


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By the end of this post, you should have learnt how To Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster and be able to raise a broiler to weigh at least 2.5 kg after 35 days (week 5). You won’t need to use voodoo or any kind of artificial booster.


All steps are simple, practical, and natural. I promise that if you follow these 8 steps, you will have to drop your jaw. You’ll be shocked by what happens. With this method, the only problem is that people will start to ask you how you did it.

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One benefit of having broilers that grow quickly and know how To Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster is that you can sell them more quickly and for more money, especially to restaurants and hotels, when they are 5 to 6 weeks old. Now, let’s look at the 8 ways you can speed up the growth of your broiler.

1. Choose the right breed from a trustworthy hatchery

What you want will help you choose the right breed of broiler. But there are many types of broiler chickens in the world, but only a few really stand out. There are 6 common breeds of broiler chickens in Nigeria. Each is different in its own ways.

Let’s look at the 6 best broiler chicken breeds in Nigeria:

Cross-Broiled Cornish:

If you need a broiler that grows quickly, get a Cornish Cross Broiler, which is also called a “Cornish Rock.” It takes about 6–8 weeks to get big enough to sell.

Marshall Grinphield:

These types of broiler chickens are large and tall. “Table size” takes about 6 to 8 weeks to reach.

The Moyer K-22 ( also called Red Broilers):

It has less fat and a unique smell, and the texture is great. Even though it takes longer to get to “table size.”

Red Roasters:

It also takes a little longer for this breed to grow. The best thing about these breeds, though, is that they are very resistant to diseases, which makes them good for free-range.

The Roaster Chicks:

These broiler chickens are also called Moyer’s Broiler or Cornish. By the time they are 6 weeks old, they weigh more than 2 kg. They have nice skin and meat that is easy to chew.

Rosambro Broilers:

These broiler chickens are of a type that grows slowly. Still, they get bigger a little bit faster than red broilers. Their meat is also known for its unique flavour.

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that not all hatcheries can be trusted. If you want to buy a certain breed of chicken, make sure you do a background check on the hatchery before you buy your broiler chickens.

If you get a bad breed, all your other work will be for nothing, and your broiler chickens won’t grow as fast as you want them to. Better yet, buy day old broilers from htsfarms.ng because they have the best breeds.

2.Make the most of the first week

A chick’s first seven days are very important. Research has shown that it spends 80% of its energy on growth and 20% on keeping itself in good shape. This means that the feed conversion ratio will be very high if you give your chick enough food and keep it in a good place. A day-old chick will grow three times as big in a week.

But as the chick gets older, the opposite is true. Because of this, you shouldn’t keep your broiler chicken for longer than 8 weeks because the rate of feed conversion will be very low at that point. So, the farmer will suffer a loss.

3: Don’t let your bird go hungry and feed it whenever it wants.

When I go to a chicken farm, I’m always surprised to find that the feeders have little or no food. He or she will say that he or she is in charge of the feed and that no amount of feed will be enough for the chickens. This is the same thing as starving the chickens. My dear, broilers are made to eat and grow quickly so they can make a lot of meat in a short amount of time. This is where the phrase “feed ad-libitum” comes from.

Feed them all the time for the best growth:

Giving broilers food around the clock and letting them eat as much as they want is what the word “ad-libitum” means. You can only do this if your chickens always have a dim light on at night. This will help them gain weight quickly enough to be useful.

4. Take care of your chicken coop or run if you want to know how To Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster

It might seem like the most obvious thing to do, but most people don’t do it. Taking care of the coop means giving the chickens clean water every day. Make sure the place where the water comes from is cool. If you want them to grow quickly, give them a safe coop with enough light so they can eat well.

Also, check your coop every so often for signs of damage or places where the fencing is loose. This will help keep your flock safe from predators.

Give your chickens enough space in their pen as they grow. Red mites can hide in cracks, so look for those. Chickens get stressed out because of the mite. A chicken that is stressed out is more likely to get sick and won’t grow as well.

5.Use natural growth boosters

Since antibiotics were made illegal, more natural growth promoters have been used in poultry farming, and more research is still going on. Garlic, cayenne pepper, bitter kola, ginger, and other things are all natural growth boosters. These natural herbs will not only help your broiler chickens grow, but they will also fight diseases and act as natural antibiotics.

6. Spend money on good feed

We can’t say enough about how important it is to eat good food. It is the second step in limiting the population after breeding. Get your feed from a feed manufacturer you can trust.

If you want to give your feed an extra treat, you could add things like oyster shell grit that are high in calcium and minerals. You can never be sure enough about the quality of the feed you buy, especially now when feed ingredients are so expensive.

To stay in business, they might take short cuts. So, if you notice that your chickens aren’t growing well, you can make your own feed or add to the feed you buy to make sure they always get good food. If the commercial feed isn’t giving me what I want by week 4, I usually add corn, soybeans, PKC, and blood meal to it. This works like magic within a week.

Also, keep your feed in a dry, cool place. Rodents can contaminate feed, so stop them from getting in. If you have hot spots in your silos, mould will grow, which could lead to fungi infection.

7. Separate the broiler chickens by size and weight.

Of course, not all fingers are the same. As chicks grow, you’ll start to see differences in their size, behaviour, and sexes. Some will be bigger, some will be smaller, and the male will get a comb and look taller than the female.

Here, you have to sort the flock by size. This is so that the birds all grow at the same rate, which is what most customers want. Keep the smaller chickens in a separate pen and feed and water them more. A chicken that is picked on by bigger birds will always stay on a perch while it eats so it doesn’t get pecked by the bigger birds. So, make sure you pay attention to this.

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8. Take care of the health of your broiler chickens

This is obvious, but it’s important to say it again if want to learn how To Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster. Also, sick broiler chickens don’t grow very quickly, and if they don’t grow well, they won’t reach their full size. Birds that are sick don’t eat as much as birds that are healthy, and most of what they do eat goes toward fighting off the illness.

On the other hand, healthy broiler chickens, especially those with a healthy digestive system, will use the nutrients and grow faster. In short, make sure your broiler chickens are healthy and always use biosecurity measures.

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