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🔺9 ways to ensure the survival of your day old chicks 



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🔺9 ways to ensure the survival of your day old chicks Mi

1. **Provide a Warm Environment:**


Ensure the brooding area is consistently warm, maintaining a temperature of around 95°F (35°C) for the first week. Use heat lamps or heat sources, gradually reducing the temperature by 5°F per week until the chicks are acclimated to room temperature. This mimics the warmth they would receive from a mother hen.

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2. **High-Quality Nutrition:**

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Offer a well-balanced chick starter feed designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of day-old chicks. This feed typically contains essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals crucial for their growth and development during the early stages of life.

3. **Clean Water:**

Provide fresh and clean water to prevent dehydration. Use shallow water containers to minimize the risk of drowning, and ensure easy access for the chicks. Regularly clean and refill water containers to maintain hygiene.

4. **Secure Housing:**

Establish a secure and draft-free brooding area to protect the chicks from predators and temperature fluctuations. Adequate ventilation is crucial to maintain air quality, but direct drafts should be avoided. Ensure the enclosure is escape-proof to protect the chicks.

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5. **Space and Density:**

Avoid overcrowding to minimize stress and competition among chicks. Provide enough space to allow for comfortable movement and prevent injuries. Adequate space promotes a healthier and more relaxed environment.

6. **Health Monitoring:**

Regularly observe the chicks for signs of illness, such as lethargy, abnormal behavior, or respiratory issues. Promptly address any health concerns by isolating affected individuals, consulting a veterinarian if necessary, and implementing appropriate interventions to prevent the spread of diseases.

7. **Lighting Schedule:**

Establish a consistent lighting schedule, initially providing around 16 hours of light per day. This helps regulate their circadian rhythms and promotes healthy growth. Gradually reduce the light exposure to mimic natural daylight hours as the chicks mature.

8. **Bedding Material:**

Use clean and absorbent bedding material, such as straw, wood shavings, or paper, to maintain a dry and comfortable environment. Clean bedding helps prevent the development of harmful bacteria and provides a suitable substrate for the chicks to rest and move around.

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9. **Socialization:**

Encourage social interaction among the chicks to promote their well-being. Chicks are naturally social animals, and positive socialization experiences help reduce stress. Monitor their behavior for signs of bullying or aggression, intervening if necessary to ensure a harmonious environment. Socialization also contributes to the development of a well-adjusted flock.


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