June4 , 2023

Great Reminders on successful brooding in poultry farming business



Great Reminders on successful brooding in poultry farming business



During brooding, broilers are susceptible to diseases because their immunity is not strong at a young age, so there are measures that must be taken in other to prevent infection of the birds.


√Prevent unauthorized access to the farm.

√Make disinfectant shower available &


accessible in the farm and change clothing where necessary

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√Maintain a record of visitors.

√Wash and sanitize hands and boots when entering and leaving houses.

√Clean and disinfect all equipment before bringing in to the house.

√Visits the youngest flock first.

√Whenever possible use ”all-in/all-out” placement cycle.

√Downtime between flocks will reduce contamination on the farm.

√Clean up feed spills as soon as they occur

√Maintain an effective rodent/vermin control program.

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Likely cause of small or weak chicks at 14 weeks:

*Weak chicks*
•Inadequate feeders and drinkers

•Inadequate feed and water levels

•Equipment location and maintenance issue

•Inappropriate brooding temperature and environment


High early mortality – Causes include:

°Poor chick quality: Maintain good management practice

Incorrect brooding: In this case, re-adjust the brooders.

Disease: When faced with this problem, perform post mortem on the dead chicks to know the cause of the disease. Take some veterinary advice.
Appetite: measure and achieve target crop fill levels, check feed availability, amount, and space.


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