August18 , 2022

How To Preserve Fresh Tomatoes For A Year (no Refrigeration Or Preservatives)



How To Preserve Fresh Tomatoes For A Year (no Refrigeration Or Preservatives)



Tomato is one of the food crops that waste a lot and can be very expensive at some certain times in the year. Below is a very good way to preserve them for a year with the use of preservatives as commonly known of our regular tomato paste.


Tomato paste is a great way to preserve your tomatoes for about 1 year.

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Sure you only need to preserve the one you will use from now till around August when tomatoes will be supplied again in the market from the ones produced by rain fed farmers


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Tomato Paste Production

The materials below you need to provide

* Fresh Tomatoes

* Bottles with tight lid ( bottles are preferable because of air tights cover that will not allow air to oxygenate the tomatoes)

Steps by steps

1. Grind the fresh tomatoes

2. Put the grinded tomatoes in a pot and boil until the water dries out and it become solidified (paste)

3. Allow the paste to cool down

4. Scoop the paste into the bottle and sealed with the cap

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5. Put the bottle in a pot and fill with water above the bottle beam

6. Put this on fire and boil for 10 – 15 minutes

7. Remove the bottles and keep your paste in a cool place.

8. No need for refrigeration

9. This can last for 6 – 12 months

Source# farmritewithYinkaAdesola

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