June30 , 2022

Wisdom for 21st Century Farmers Episode 1



Wisdom for 21st Century Farmers Episode 1

I am wanting to encourage farmers to know that in every situation in life and business, there are always positive and negative aspects to them all. ALWAYS.


Many people fixate only on the negative aspects and ultimately become victims. But some discerning ones focus on the positive aspects and become the kings of their circumstances.


Where do you belong here? Well, I am pleasantly persuading you to camp with the positive people and take the advantage of the present situation in the farming industry and general business environment to move forward and upwards. YOU CAN DO IT.

You should not allow the pains and struggles of the moment to blind your eyes to the possibilities hidden in them. As they say, in every adversity there are tremendous opportunities for prosperity. I personally believe in this outlook to life.

I recently met a young farmer who was about to give up due to the problems with inputs prices and insecurities facing the farming people. I encouraged him to see life as ebb and flow. There will be ebb time and it will be followed by flow time. There will be dry season which will be followed by raining season.

There will be winter which will be followed by summer. I told him to see business this way because that is the way it is. I told him that he should persevere through this rough time because it will soon pass away for a better time.

The young farmer was encouraged and thanked me profusely. Well, what I told him is what I also tell myself from time to time in my life journey. I have seen many rough seasons of life and thank God I have also seen the beautiful and abundant season of life.

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I know that ebb and flow is the name of the game. Unfortunately, so many people give up during the ebb seasons of life. There is something every farmer should have in order to survive the ebb seasons of life in business. THE NAME OF THAT THING IS PASSION.

Without passion, success will be difficult if not impossible in any business. Passion means something you are willing to suffer for until you witness success in it. It is passion that will take you through the rough times.

It is passion that will help you take advantage of the difficult moments in business and turn them around for more prosperity.

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